Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Suck

Anyone who does not know me who has read the posts I have written daily over the last month will likely have one of two reactions.  Well, the third reaction is that someone could care less.  That's probably the majority or readers who have found me from #reverb10 and Holidailies.  But there's probably a group, however small, who fine me interesting, someone who's got it all together.  Then there's group, hopefully smaller but perhaps not, who think I'm an ass, an arrogant braggart.

Oh, these posts this path month do show my best side.  I can certainly be a pretty organized person, and this past month has been a pretty good one in terms of using that part of me to get things done.  You know what I've been doing the past couple of days?  I have been organizing our Christmas ornaments.  Last Christmas was the first in this house, our final house.  But it was two months after the move, and we were still stressed since we hadn't sold the old place.  This year, things are calmer, and I decided to go through the decorations.  If we didn't put it up this year, it's out, gone.  And all the ornaments got labeled in various ziploc bags as opposed to the random plastic bags and newspaper wrappings we were using.  See, that's what I do when I've got it together.

But I should confess.  I am one of those academics who has no common sense.  Well, that may not be fully true, but I sure do have a tendency to go about things the long way.  It happens a lot.  The husband and I are in Chicago, and we need to get to the other side of the platform, so I take us down the escalator about two floors and through a couple of doorways and up a couple of escalators.  Then, the husband asks why we didn't take the stairs that are over the tracks.  Huh.  In all the time I lived in Chicago and transferred to a train at that station, I never really noticed those stairs, and there was more than one time that I had to get to the other side to get to the train I wanted.  That's not the lone example either.  There are times I drive somewhere and realize that there was a perfectly clear and shorter route there.

I am just the kind of person who takes five steps when two would do.  The husband jokes that I dirty ever dish in the house when I make dinner.  It's true.  There are times I do something, throw utensils in the sink, and then realize that I really could have used the knife, cutting board, or bowl again.  Sometimes it pisses me off because I hate to waste time, especially when I'm the cause of the waste.

But I try not to dwell on that.  As I tell my husband, it may take a while, but we will get there.  It may not be graceful.  It may not be smooth.  But we get there.  That's what I try to remember.

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  1. Nels, I absolutely adore these words: "it may take a while, but we will get there. It may not be graceful. It may not be smooth. But we get there."

    It might not be efficient to go about things the long way, but I think it brings us on interesting tangents sometimes that we wouldn't discover otherwise. :)