Friday, November 7, 2008


Bad blogger. I said I wanted to start a new blog for reasons including the motivation to write more, and it's been almost a week. Yes, I've become one of those micro-bloggers who spends more time on Twitter and Facebook. But I like this new space over here, too, and want to do more with it. Not that this entry is going to be making anyone work up a sweat reading it.

I found out today, too, that a friend from my past has been reading the blog, which made me think how it's a shame there's nothing exciting for him to find. It's also funny because BBM asked me today why people update their status lines on Facebook so often. He joined a few weeks ago for work, and he's surprised whenever he logs in to find that the homepage is full of all these things people have done, like me. He sounds like Da Man when he talks like that.

Speaking of him, I meant to write earlier this week because I had the chance to play trophy wife on Wednesday. There have been several times when Da Man had been in the audience when I am giving a talk or something, and I finally had the chance to return the favor this week. He was giving a talk at a nearby university as part of panel with his doctoral advisor, whom it was good to meet finally. Afterwards, Da Man said that he likes it better when the tables are turned. He'd much rather sit in the audience with the spotlight on me. Those of you who know him will have no trouble believing that.

I feel like all I do anymore, though, is put out fires. When I'm on campus, I get a lot done, but all I seem to do is scan the emails and papers on my desk and handle things that have the earliest deadlines until it's the time I usually leave, though I've also been staying longer lately. The next day, it's the same cycle. I'm not sure what to do about all that yet. The semester will be over soon enough. I hate having that attitude, and I'm not as much of a sourpuss as it might sound, but I don't exactly feel like I'm the one in control of my time.

At the same time, I'm doing a lot and accomplishing a lot even if I always have more to do. In other words, things are copacetic.

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