Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week of Worthlessness

We are halfway through the Week of Worthlessness, and things are progressing as expected.

See, Da Man goes away each year at this time for some events related to his job. Two years ago during this week, he would often call me in the early afternoon. After a couple of days of waking me up, he asked, "Okay, why are you always asleep when I call?" And the answer was that I had gotten home about 4:00 AM the night before or that I'd stayed in but friends cam over, and I didn't get to bed until 5:00 AM. Basically, with the semester being over and Da Man out of town, my friends are all, "Hey, let's go out!" And when I say "out," I mean a freind of mine picks me up at 8:00 PM to go out for drinks and says, "Want to go to my favorite bar?" And when I say sure, we end up in Rhode Island. And that's just one night out of the week. By the end, we've turned vodka and Red Bull into a food group.

Now, it might sound like Da Man and my friends don't get along if, as soon as he's out of town, they come out of the woodwork to whisk me out of the house. But it's more that Da Man is a true homebody who will pretty much always stay in if he has the option. And I am about 85% homebody, usually choosing to stay home when I have options. But this time of year, when the semester is done and summer is around the corner, I look forward to the chance to accomplish as little as possible. And my friends, who are mostly middle-aged gay men who spend the bulk of their lives being responsible employees, partners, and fathers, also like the excuse not to be so responsible for a few days. Of course, by "irresponsibility," I mean driving in a car with the windows down after midnight screaming along to CDs by The Pixies.

Still, what always happens is that I give myself permission not to work so hard (while putting out the fires that need to be put out, of course), but I'm always a bit glad when it's over, ready to get back to work and the life that I try to cultivate for myself and Da Man most of the year.

But I've got a few days before that'll happen.

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