Monday, April 27, 2009

The Heat is On

Ninety Degrees in April

Did you hear that the temperature rose this weekend? I took this photo Saturday. And this is the thermometer that hangs in the shade on our balcony.

Spring is here. Summer is coming. The end of the semester is just around the corner, which really did surprise me last week when I realized I had less than two weeks left. And it's kind of exciting actually. I often feel that itch of potential this time of year when time is really, really about to become my own. I have to be careful, though, because I start to set things up in my head as though I can get fifty million things done while still lounging throughout the day.

Still, Da Man left yesterday to ensconce (my current favorite word) himself in the library at his grad school so he could wrap up his own seminar papers. I had gift certificates for Borders, so I decided to spend the afternoon there. And I found myself drawn to books about doing things. I found two writing books with random exercises (describe this, write down a memory of that). Then there was an recipe book from the editors of a magazine I've been reading for a few months. Finally, I found a book in the photography section of crafts to make with photographs that looked more chic than it sounds.

Last night, I sat on the couch and flipped through them all, which inspired me to take a couple of similar books off the shelf and flip through them. I don't want to pressure myself, but I don't want to feel like I spend all my time sitting on the couch checking the same websites over and over. You know it's bad when you check Twitter and Facebook so often that no one has added anything new.

I'm inspired, and I'll try to push myself to actually do something. Now and then, at least.

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