Saturday, December 25, 2010


The prompt for #reverb10 is to select a photo of ourselves that represents us from this past year.  I have a lot to choose from, I'm going to choose the photo of my Christmas loot.

Christmas Loot

I think this represents who I am in more ways.  We love books in this house.  I'm running out of room for new ones but plan on buying bookcases at some point.  And this photo has a bunch of stuff that describes who I am and where my mind is at the moment.  There are some art books (or at least one big one on the bottom) related to my big research project at the moment.  There are some smaller books on sexual cultures relating to my research in general.  And there are a lot of memoirs since those are what I read for fun.  There's also the entire series of Square Pegs, which the husband made me promise I would not make him watch.  I won't.  I'll save it to watch here on the computer.  In fact, I may slide in a disc when I'm done with this and have it run in the corner.

But if you want to know who I am and where my head is at right now, this photo is perfect.  It gets at the various parts of me.  Totally different head.  Totally.

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