Sunday, December 26, 2010

Soul Food

I'm sorry I cannot look at today's #reverb10 prompt after spending the last few days writing about gay pornography without giggling like an adolescent boy, but the question "What went into your mouth and touched your soul?" has had me laughing since I read it.  A big part of that, though, is that I'm not a foodie, and I can't think of any meals that I ate this year that touched my soul.  Oh, I am very lucky to have a husband who loves to cook, especially at holidays.  We've been together long enough that we have foods we love to eat at certain times of the year, especially when the meal is just about us.  In fact, while eating our Christmas dinner, I pointed out that we have not had lasagna in a while, what with both of us being so busy during the semester.

In 2010, I did not do a lot of traveling that involved eating.  I have in the past.  I do always like to have one fancy meal when I'm in a new city.  I have to admit that I love Qi's lunch specials whenever I'm in New York City, and I was just introduced to them this past November.  For $10, I can get shrimp pad thai and crispy dumplings, feeling full for the rest of the afternoon and feeling like I ate good, solid food without a lot of processing.

It's just been in the past few years that I started improving my palate with visits to good, local restaurants when I travel.  As expensive as they are, I can't do a lot of them, but we visit Braza for special events here at home.  I wish I could remember the two restaurants we went to last summer when we were in Bangor.  Our friends took us, and I filled myself with shrimp, which is my favorite thing to do.  Oh, I can't forget that we did hit Cafe Adobe when we flew to Texas for my niece's wedding.  I eat there at least once whenever I am in town.

I certainly love food, but I don't know a lot about it.  I'm trying, though, and having a good time when I do.

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