Monday, December 27, 2010

Ordinary Joy

The moments this past year when I felt ordinary joy are generally private ones.  They are all those moments when the husband and I ended up having a spontaneous, random, extended conversation.  I can remember coming home from work, and we end up sitting at the kitchen table for an hour talking about something I read online about some TV show we watch, and then we end up talking about politics, which then segues into some memory we share, and then it all circles around again.  These conversations can't be planned, but they happen every few weeks.  It's the randomness that I love, how it goes from serious to ridiculous to intimate.  And then we retreat to our offices for whatever work we have to do.

We have lots of time to talk during the week.  We talk when we drive to our Friday movie, and we talk at dinner.  We talk at dinner on weekend nights, and we chat everyday about whatever happened.  But it's these spontaneous random moments that I love.  I can't make them happen, but I appreciate them when they do.

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