Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Name

The #reverb10 prompt is about what name you would use if you could introduce yourself by a new name for a day.  I'm not going to write about that.  I love my name.  It's unique and weird, and I love that.  I can't even think of any other name that I would use or why I would want to use one.  Been trying to think about it today and can't come up with anything.

So, instead, I will thank Sara for giving me a Versatile Blogger Award!

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am now supposed to give seven facts about myself that you can't learn anywhere else.  That's difficult for me because I have pretty much put everything out there online that I am comfortable putting out there.  But here we go.
  1. The first series of books I was addicted to was the Encyclopedia Brown series.  I was in third grade.  I remember checking books out from the school library to read in the doctor's office because that was when I had surgery on my ears to put tubes in to relieve the hearing loss I was suffering and was seeing him monthly for a while as he checked out the results of the surgery and removed the tubes when the time came.  I stopped reading them when I was able to figure out that case because I didn't like figuring out the ending.  I rarely try to guess the secret in films or movies.
  2. I actually love playing racquetball but haven't done it in years.  There's no place around here to do it easily or cheaply.
  3. When I was in therapy, I had to fill out the typical background form, which meant stating that my brother committed suicide in his 30s.  Of course, the therapist had to gravitate toward that and how it affected me.  My response?  "I only remember seeing him twice in my life.  The first time was accidentally in a parking lot, and I was stunned by how much we looked alike.  I just didn't know him."  And we moved on.
  4. I could become a pescatarian very easily not so much because I love fish, but I love shrimp.  My grandfather built a shrimp boat called The Cajun Queen.  I would still need a steak now and then, though.
  5. The greatest gift of my childhood was the fact that my maternal grandmother lived with us until she had a stroke when I was fourteen, which was the first difficult thing I ever faced.  When she died my second semester of college, my parents were divorced but still got together to talk about who should call me.  They supposedly spent an hour just on that subject until my father called me in my dorm right before I left for dinner.
  6. I spent most of my high school years in fear of what might happen to me for being gay, smart, and just plain different, but nothing ever happened to me (thankfully).  And I never did let my fear stop me from wearing hot pink shoelaces.
  7. When the X Games or the like are on, I get bored easily unless it's freestyle street rollerblading.  Even if skateboarders of bikers are on the same course, I get bored.  When it's rollerblading, I'm riveted.  Maybe because the wheels are attached to their feet no matter what?
And I am supposed to give the award to seven bloggers.  I choose Michael, Bill, Dave, Natalie, Julie, Chubarama (possibly NSFW), and a blogger I care about who keeps a locked blog and shall remain nameless.

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  1. I remember the Encyclopedia Brown books with great fondness. I read quite a few of them myself. I got to live with my maternal grandparents for a year late in my teens. It was wild, whacky and tough but time I wouldn't trade for anything. What a gift that was.

    And I wore pink shoelaces too. But, it was the 80's....