Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Just Kids by Patti Smith Blog-a-Thon!

Over the last few weeks, a few people I know on this here internet thing have been talking about Patti Smith's Just Kids and how they have just read it or want to read it.  I'm in the middle of it right now (at the part where he first starts taking Polaroids).  I've said now and then that people should write blog entries about the book, and we should have one of the old-fashioned discussions us bloggers used to have before the Twitter and the Facebook came along.  So, how about it?

If you have read or want to read Patti Smith's Just Kids, write a blog post about it.  Then, email me with a link, post a link in the comments to this thread, or tag your post in Delicious (or tweet with a link to the post) with #jkpost as one of the tags.  I will create a post with links as they arrive and keep updating it with posts that appear until January 31.

In full disclosure, I am writing an academic book with a chapter on Mapplethorpe, so I'm always looking for interesting thoughts on him, but my work is more about what happened with the exhibit of his work in Cincinnati in 1990.  In regard to this blog-a-thon, I just want to see a bunch of smart people talk about Smith, Mapplethorpe, and this amazing book.

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