Thursday, November 12, 2009

Starbucks References

The purpose of this post is mainly as a place for my students to have one place where they can find links they might want to use for their formal report on the rhetorics of Starbucks.

*Their official website is going to prove invaluable to most of you. You may also want to check their official Twitter feed, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. You may want to check out My Starbucks Idea, which is a site for people to share their thoughts with people at the Starbucks corporation.

*There are also the sites that are not affiliated with Starbucks, such as Starbucks Gossip and I Hate Starbucks. This blog entry makes some points worth exploring, too. This site is the one mentioned in class that is a guide to ordering at SB.

*Don't forget our own library's list of databases in business and economics. I always recommend LexisNexis Academic for any research project.

If anyone (in our class or not) has anything to add, please leave a comment. Based on our discussion on Tuesday, I'm really excited by what students might produce with this project.

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