Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Rhetorics of Starbucks

I'm wondering if any of my academic peeps might have some useful sources for me.

In my Introduction to Professional Writing course, I'm asking my students to produce a formal report where they take two articles about Starbucks from peer-reviewed rhetoric journals--Paula Mathieu's "Economic Citizenship and the Rhetoric of Gourmet Coffee" (Rhetoric Review, Fall 1999) and Greg Dickinson's "Joe's Rhetoric: Finding Authenticity at Starbucks (Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Fall 2002)--and create an argument about the extent to which the arguments in those articles are still relevant today. Obviously, they'll have to do some research into Starbucks and its rhetorics today, and I'm wondering if anyone has anything that might be useful for my students to explore. I'm especially wondering if there are any blogs out there that offer critiques of Starbucks that are well-argued. I remember one from a few years ago but can't find it now. I've got the official Twitter feed noted, but there are a lot of other Twitter feeds related to Starbucks. Are any of them useful?

I want to give my students a range of sources they can analyze, so if anyone has anything that might be useful, I'd love to hear it.


  1. You know about the Starbucks gossip site?

  2. That's the one I was trying to remember! Thanks!

    I hope things are going well post-graduation!

  3. another source, from the hating of the starbucks angle:

    And an interesting article, given the "authenticity" interest in one of the articles: