Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Longer at This Address

My, goodness, the couple who lived here before us received every catalog known to humanity. Catalogs do not get forwarded, which is why they always add "or current resident" to the label. We must have received seventy-five different catalogs in our first month of living here. I've never even seen that much mail come to one location! It's kind of funny, too, because it might explain why we have the biggest mailbox in the group of boxes across the street from us. I didn't think there was any reason for it, but the amount of mail they must have gotten was probably nuts. There are tons from companies I've never even heard of. We now put more catalogs than magazines in recycling each week.

They also receive a lot of Republican-related mail (since that also now goes to "current resident"). There's a rather hotly contested Senate primary for the Republicans in Connecticut, so we're getting fliers we never would be getting otherwise. The ones for the woman running for the slot are rather interesting. And, no, I'm not naming her since she gets enough press. Her campaign is rather prominent. She is part of a business that features well-built men, which I only mention because some of my gay male friends have said they'd be happy to vote for her if it meant they could get private time with John Cena for a few hours. But I digress. I was just struck by the listing on one of her fliers of her social media sites. Sure, all candidates use Twitter and Facebook, but she also has Flickr, YouTube, and MySpace. MySpace is the one that gets me. I thought that was primarily used by independent musicians these days. I can't remember my username or password, so I haven't been back in years, but I thought it was a tad odd for her to have a site there. Maybe it's not, and I have no plans to check it out. It's also clear that she is spending a ton of money on her advertising. Wow, they are huge and incredibly well-designed.

I will be glad when our mail outnumbers theirs, though.


  1. I understand getting stuff that isn't forwarded but you would think the original inhabitants would at least start to update their address? When i moved in with my last BF we got Christmas cards for the previous people, 7 months after we moved in there!

  2. On the other hand... Maybe the previous occupants moved just to get away from all the mailings?

  3. That would have been catalog heaven for me, even though i never buy anything. I just like looking while in a cosy armchair with a cup of tea, in the loo or in the bath.

    If you want to earn some green credentials, why don't you contact the companies and remove your address from their mailing list, rather than sending all those catalogs to be recycled? Better yet, put that long-winded task forward to one of your classes as an opportunity to earn some extra credit, by writing about it.

    Lisa (ICLW #195 Your Great Life)

  4. When I moved to downtown Toronto a few years ago I must have had a phone number that had been from a pizza restaurant. I was getting calls all day and night. It was aggravating. Out of a thousand calls one might actually be for me. I changed phone numbers, did without a phone for a couple of week just for some peace.

    Wandering in from IComWeLeave.