Saturday, November 28, 2009

As Choreographers Dream

I'm a sucker for stories about students who get really excited about learning something. One of my students told me the other day that the primary thing she's learned from me is that you have to be passionate about what you study. I like that. I've been meaning to share a story I read last week in the New York Times about advanced students at the School of American Ballet who enrolled in a choreography workshop. Now, these are pretty talented students who are already pretty engaged with the learning process, but I love reading how excited some of them are to take on the new challenge of choreography. That's a big reason why I audit the classes I do at NYU and take part in the workshops I've done in Puerto Rico, NYC, and other places. When we expose ourselves to new ideas and new ways of doing things, we learn how to approach what we do daily in new ways. I'm bookmarking this article mainly so I can read it when I need to be inspired. I certainly felt inspired reading it for the first time.

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