Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blogger Meet-Up at the Wadsworth Antheneum

I have been a bad, bad blogger, and I don't mean not writing as often because that's pretty normal. Plus, in a world of RSS feeds, who cares how often someone writes since we find out about it when it happens anyway? I'm bad, though, because I went to a blogging event at the Wadsorth Antheneum in early August, and I'm just writing about it now. They were very nice and let us in for free and gave us a mug, pencil, and fliers. And I'm just now writing about it? Bad blogger.

But I was really happy they invited us. Or rather, they invited a blogger I know who forwarded the information to me. I will admit that I have lived here for just over six years, and I had never been there before, which is horrible considering my love of art museums. They even supposedly have a Wojnarowicz in their collection, though it was not on display at this time since there are some significant reservations going on. But anyone who has been reading me for a few years can probably remember my periodic updates about my hatred of difficult parking situations. It's often the primary reason I don't go somewhere. And I was late for the event because I could not find a place to park. I circled the place but was determined to find a spot. After a couple of turns, I did.

I need to find the right times to go down there because it seems like a place I need to check out more often. It has an amazing array of art from several periods and genres. Yes, I'm more of a contemporary guy, but there's a lot of that, too. I did not have a lot of time to explore, but I saw enough to let me know that it's worth exploring.

I was especially excited to find out about The Amistad Center for Art and Culture. What excited me most was finding out that they house an archive of items related to African-American culture from slavery onward. I didn't know something like that was so close. I always think of archives as something far aay that I need a grant to visit, but this is just downtown from here. I don't have a reason to visit, yet, but it would be fun to explore a bit and see what I find. Or find a reason to get students involved.

At any rate, if you are ever in Hartford, do check it out. It's a large building on Main Street, but after you're there, you'll be surprised at how much it contains.

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