Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walking the Museum Mile

Not going to say a lot tonight as I'm exhausted, and I have to get up early tomorrow for our trips to the Queens Museum of Art and Metropolitan. But tonight, I went to the Museum Mile Festival, where 5th Avenue is blocked off from 82nd to 105th, and all museums on the route are free and open to the public. I did not go into any museums, however, but just wandered from 86th to 105th and back down to 96th. I took some photos of some of the chalk drawings people had done on the street, and I grabbed a piece of purple chalk and sat down myself, writing, "I had a dream. And in this dream, all the girls in town were named Betty." I'm now not sure I got the quotation exactly right, and I wonder how many who stopped to read it (I saw a few) recognized it. The NYC Gay Men's Chorus started singing at one place, and a bunch of kids ran up to watch, and then gasped and giggled when they saw the sign saying the men were gay.

But I'm exhausted and really should just stretch out on the bed, read for a bit, and get ready for more walking tomorrow.

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