Sunday, June 7, 2009

If It's the Second Week of June, I Must Be at NYU

I meant to write this post yesterday or the day before. I meant to do a lot of things last week, but I was shaken up by Eustachian Tube Blockage, which is fancy way of saying a sinus infection that is not in the nasal sinuses. It's all based on the ear surgery I had as a kid. The surgery stopped me from going deaf, and I stopped getting a lot of ear infections, but it does get blocked now and then. My mother had sinus issues as she got older as well as allergies. I wonder if I'm developing both (or getting sympathetic ones for Da Man).

But the antibiotics seem to have kicked in, and I've finally been getting some sleep (cough syrup with Codeine helps). And I'm typing this from the NYU library. I'm at another one of the week-long summer seminars, this one on Art, Public Policy, and Politics. I keep waiting for them to say that I've done enough and need to take a break, but they keep letting me in, so I'll keep coming. The opening reception is in about thirty minutes, so I thought an email check was in order. And can I saw that this year's dorm is world's better than last year's? It's pretty much brand new, close to Union Square, and spotless. We control the air conditioning in each room. And while I haven't taken a shower yet, I'm betting this shower head won't spray in every direction including over the stall and onto the toilet. In fact, it's one of those fancy, new toilets that has two different flushes depending on what you are flushing down.

And those who really know me will not be surprised to know that I've already rearranged the room, which I pretty much always do right after calling Da Man to tell him I've arrived. The windows are huge yet are facing north, so there's no direct sun but lots of light. I pulled the blinds right to the top. It's near everything I know, my favorite Starbucks at Astor Place, Chipotle on 8th, the Strand, a mainstream and an independent movie theatre. Later on tonight, I'll have a brief freakout when I'm in a room with no internet or TV or connection to the outside world, but that will be after I've walked all over the place tonight and perhaps seen a movie. It's the one time a year I think of getting an iPhone, but I just look at the monthly price, realize that it would triple my cell bill, and get over it fast.

On Thursday, I told Da Man that I should just pull out of coming here because I was feeling like crap and was tired of worrying if I'd be up to it. He told me to wait, which pissed me off at the time, but he was right. I'm tired and still a little stuffy, but I'm already thrilled to be here again.

Here's hoping the opening reception has chicken strips again.

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