Sunday, February 1, 2009

Twenty-Five Random Things About Me

Have you heard of the twenty-five random things meme on Facebook? Yeah, right, you somehow missed it. Well, I've been tagged for it numerous times and am finally sitting down and getting this done. I'm not posting the directions or tagging anyone except the people who tagged me so they can know that I did it. I'm a geek who loves readings these things, which is why I'm posting it on my blog, too.

1. Da Man and I see a movie every Friday night. We park in the same spot in the parking lot and sit in the same seats in the whatever theatre we're in.

2. I refer to my husband as "Da Man" because he prefers to remain anonymous online. It's why he's not on Facebook even though numerous people have tried to get him to join.

3. I played trombone in the school band from sixth to ninth grades. I would have stayed, but I hated marching band, and we had no separate symphonic band like larger schools did.

4. I doubt we'll ever get another dog because losing the last one was so hard.

5. In 1990, I won tickets on the radio to see Psychedelic Furs; a week later, I won tickets from the same station to see Tears for Fears but was told I couldn't win more than once a month, so my mother got on the phone and was named the official winner. She gave them to me, though.

6. I develop strange crushes on guys in TV commercials, which basically means watching the commercial each time it's on. Right now, one of those guys is the father in the blue shirt in the Wal-Mart commercial where the family sings "We Will Rock You."

7. I love TV shows that feature voiceovers from major characters: Sex and the City, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, My So-Called Life.

8. You know that game where you figure out your porn name based on the name of your first pet followed by the name of the street you grew up on? That makes me Swappy Central.

9. According to the BMI, I am obese, but I have a real ambivalence about my weight. I've always dated men a bit older and larger than I am, and I think I look better now than I ever have before. I'm trying to base my attitudes about health on my actions and not on the number on a scale.

10. I tend to annoy people with my politics because they are too radical for some and too bourgeois for others. I've been told I'm "part of the problem" for years by conservatives, liberals, and libertarians alike.

11. I am vast; I contain multitudes.

12. I do not believe in any monotheistic religion because I can't imagine supporting a particular belief system and, thus, implying that those who do not practice it are wrong about their conception of god. I am not an atheist, however.

13. The guiding spiritual force in my life is a belief in synchronicity. I believe that things happen for a reason and that the universe sends us messages all the time.

14. I would rather take public transportation than drive, something I cannot easily do in my part of Connecticut.

15. My last year in Houston, I had a red Suzuki moped that I used to get everywhere when I thought the bus wouldn't be the best choice. People I knew would often come into stores I was in and say, "I knew you were in here because I saw the moped!"

16. Houston is still one of my favorite cities, surpassed only by Chicago. London, England, and St. Petersburg, Russia are also on the list. I kinda want to put San Francisco on the list, but something stops me.

17. I am a grammar nerd, even though much of my online writing is full of mistakes since I rarely ready anything I post anywhere twice.

18. I have never played any sport, not little league or any school team. I don't say that to brag. In fact, I wish I'd played tennis in high school since the coach encouraged me to try out for the team after watching me play in PE.

19. My greatest fear in life is that I'll wake up one day and be ordinary. I'm constantly being told that no one can actually imagine such a thing happening.

20. I was obsessed with Bret Easton Ellis until her wrote American Psycho, and then I got over it. I even had a binder in high school filled with all the book reviews and interviews I could find.

21. When I look at iTunes, I see that most of my music comes from Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Dido, Alanis Morissette, and Suzanne Vega.

22. I seriously considered becoming a Marine Biologist.

23. In seventh grade, I won first place in the junior divison for photography at the county fair. Sometimes, I wish I'd pusued that more, which is why I'm trying to do more with photography now.

24. My first partner died in July 1992. Sometimes, I feel guilty for having seemingly moved on from him to someone else so easily, even though it wasn't.

25. I doubt I've earned my last college degree.

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