Thursday, December 11, 2008

What They Learned This Semester

Borrowing from Jo(e), I asked students in both classes to take one of my infamous index cards and write down one thing they learned this semester. It could be from our class or another class, from living in the dorms or living at home. I just wanted that first, gut reaction to the question of what they learned. They wrote them anonymously, but I did say I would probably post them online.

From my first-year seminar on graphic memoirs:
Comics don't have to be funny or exciting; they can be sorrowful or serious stories.

I learned that even if you're working a 30+ hour weekend, you can still be broke everyday.

I've learned that you should always be yourself and sometimes people won't like that because it's intimidating but you should never let it get you down.

To not listen to others on important subjects.

How to manage life without my parents dictating my every move.

I learned that writing can be expressed in different forms and that stories can be told in various ways.

I never thought I was a good writer until my teachers told me I was. So I learned that I am a good writer.
From my upper-level honors seminar on pain:
I learned how to get models to pose outside in half-frozen water for my photography.

How to write a script in first person.

I learned how to be a more efficient reader and writer.

I have learned that if I actually study history, I can pass an entire semester.

I learned to fuck the clock.

That what I thought was "normal" family interactions were an attempt to survive against extreme pain and a few possible suicides. I also learned that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This semester, I learned that I rely entirely too much on other people.

I have learned that I can't continue to do what I am doing, but I can't stop.

Psychology is a farce. 60% of people with problems who see a psychologist are "cured." 60% of people with problems who don't see a psychologist are "cured" in time.

Speak independently to others and not be laughed at or mocked for my thoughts.

I learned that I'm not in the wrong major(s) and how to hot wire a car.

I learned to drop classes if there are any group projects.


  1. I'd like elaboration on how "to fuck the clock." No, actually, I don't. Can I assume s/he meant "I learned how to say 'fuck the clock'"? I'm hoping.

    Good to know there's someone who can hotwire a car on campus. You know, just in case.


  2. Yeah, the "fuck the clock" one cracked me up...and scared me at the same time.

  3. I have no idea who wrote that one, either. I knew who wrote a few just from previous conversations and other comments. But that one threw me, too!

    Generally, these were more profound than I expected.