Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Meme is Born

Remember that meme from a couple of years ago on academic blogs where people wrote about the last word of their dissertation? Billie at Parts-n-Pieces has inspired me to create a new one after a comment she made on Twitter. What epigraphs did you use for your dissertation (or master's thesis)? No need to explain them unless you want to do so. I had three. Remember that my dissertation was about the role of autobiographical narratives of disease in the writing classroom (these are for the entire dissertation, not individual chapters).

From Donna Haraway: "We need the power of modern critical theories of how meanings and bodies get made, not in order to deny meanings and bodies, but in order to live in meanings and bodies that have a chance for a future."

From Mary Oliver: "Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine."

From Suzanne Vega: "I'd like to help you doctor / Yes, I really, really would / But the din in my head / It's too much and it's no good / Blood makes noise / It's a ringing in my ear / And I can't really hear you / In the thickening of fear."

Play along in the comments or, preferably, on your own blog.


  1. “Cancer humor is like the Zen laugh; it’s a way of gathering back forces, a means of breathing in absurdity, darkness, and pain and blowing them out in one great, joyous guffaw. It is, finally, a form of power, laced with machismo. Fuck you, death. I laugh at you.”
    Katherine Russell Rich from The Red Devil: To Hell with Cancer and Back