Sunday, November 1, 2009

Garages Rock!

When we started looking for a new place last summer, we had a list of things we wanted since we plan for this to be the last place to which we'll never move. Basically, we wanted all the interior amenities of a house without the exterior responsibilities. We really have no reason to want a yard, and having to deal with painting and other exterior issues does not appeal to us. We found that place, and we're pretty happy about it as we near the end of our first month in the place.

Yesterday, we reached a little milestone. For the first time in our life together, which has spanned one apartment, one house, and two condos, we have both of our cars in our garage. The first apartment had no garages, and I didn't have a car. The house had a little one, but it was full of all the crap we needed to take care of the yard (lawn mower, rakes, shovels, leaf blower, hoses, and on and on), and I didn't have a car until our last year there. Our first condo here in CT had a one-car, detached garage. We'd have to make plans for who parked in there at what times. That wasn't too difficult. Whoever had to leave the house first in the morning got the garage the night before.

The new place has a two-car, attached garage. We weren't sure we'd find one because not a lot of condos here have them, but most of the bigger ones have one-car, attached garages, and we knew we'd be fine with that. It is nice, though, to have a place for both cars, especially with winter rapidly approaching. Since we moved, half of the garage has been full of boxes and random things. Yesterday, we spent the early part of the afternoon getting it in order. We bought some of those large plastic shelves at a big box home store, and that helped us get a lot in the storage closet. We found a place for everything else, and voila! Both of our cars are in the garage attached right to our place.

It's something a lot of people take for granted that we hope we never will.


  1. I miss having a garage. We have an apartment right now, which means no garage. So, most of our garage-stuff is in a storage unit and our car has to brave the elements.


  2. I'm now in my first house (duplex really) with a two-car garage with an opener and a refrigerator that has a functioning ice-maker. What luxury!

    Best wishes on NaBloPoMo! Sometimes really great blogging happens when you run out of topic-topics.