Sunday, April 24, 2011

Now That I Know What I'm Doing

In this post, I listed the various things I was applying for during my sabbatical.  This past Friday, I finally heard about everything.  I had made some educated guesses about what I would and would not get, and I was partly wrong and partly right.  At any rate, I am going to be living on the NYU campus for the entire fall semester as an NYU Faculty Resource Network Scholar in Residence.  Yes, I am very excited.  The point is to be in the city and visit as many archives as often as possible.  Then, I will be home for the spring semester and can figure out what to do with whatever I find in the fall.  In June, I will also be at NYU for the week-long seminar on "The Anatomy of Evil."  Last week, I applied for another June seminar and submitted a proposal to an October conference right before I started writing this entry.

So, for the rest of April and early May, it's all about finishing classes and submitting final grades.  For the rest of May, it's all about finishing up my work as department chair and getting everything together for the interim chair.  June is about travel.  July and August will be about prep work for NYU.  I want to make lists of the places to visit and what I definitely need to look at and what I will look out if time allows.  I'll set up some appointments later in the summer.  I'm also hoping to get an essay on Wojnarowicz and one on rape representations done by September 1 and one of my essays on pornography done by February 1.  That may sound like a lot, and I need to be careful not to put too much pressure on myself or I'll crash, but each of those three essays are already in the drafting stage.  One goal of the sabbatical is to finish those things and get them out and away.

I'm glad I can start making more official plans.  And the rejections didn't sting at all.  Of course, they came after I learned that the NYU fellowship had come through, which does make it easier.  And I'm happy I tried for a few things, even the long shots.

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