Sunday, January 16, 2011

Over the Next Month

Four weeks from today, I will be in NYC.  Four weeks from last night will be Robyn at Radio City Music Hall.  Though a tangent for my professional blog, I have to say I do not understand why Robyn's music is not all over radio in the United States.  It is the kind of pop/dance music that shows skill and grace.  But, I digress.  I am excited about the idea of spending the weekend in the city, and I cannot wait for the concert.  But the weekend is the perfect timing for me because I have so many grant and fellowship applications due by then.  Actually, the final deadline is four weeks from this past Friday.  So, yeah, it's going to be a nutty month.
  • Fellowship One: January 15 Done and out!
  • Conference Panel Proposal: January 15 Done and out!
  • Grant One: January 21 Done and out!
  • Grant Two: January 24 Done and out!
  • Fellowship Two: February 4 Done and out!
  • Fellowship Three: February 4 Done and out!
And this coincides with the start of my semester this week and teaching two classes I have never taught before.  But, hey, if anyone was reading my #reverb10 posts on my personal blog, I talked a lot about 2011 being the year of productivity, so no complaints from me.  Right now, I'm excited.  And nervous.  I'm more nervous now that I've put it all in a list, but I'm excited about the potential.

Guess I better get to work, though.

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