Saturday, January 3, 2009

Technology Updates

Yes, we're back. I assume those who want to know keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook, but the trip has been done since Tuesday. On the flight from Houston to Newark, Da Man said I was in the best mood he'd seen in weeks. He was right. I was so happy to be done and going home. It was great to see people. And while there were painful moments, it was mostly a great trip. But I wasn't happy to feel the loss of my mother so deeply. I hope I don't feel that way everytime I go to Texas, but we're not going back for Christmas itself again (unless my niece gets married next December, as she got engaged on Christmas itself, something that my mother would have loved to see).

At any rate, we are home, and we've been going a bit too much since we have returned. We're keeping the weekend lowkey, which means playing with some new technology outlets.

First, I have started a photo blog. Yes, I'll do my best to post a photo a day. I'll try to post only photos I take that day, but we'll see. I have had my camera for a year, but I want to learn more about it. And I want to learn more about photography. The photos, like my blog, will have a documentary feel, I expect. I'll focus mostly on the things I've been doing and the world in which I'm living as opposed to going for artistic shots. I'm looking forward to having dozens and dozens of photos documenting the year.

Second, as yesterday's photo shows, we upgraded our cell phones. For once, we have different phones. Da Man went with the basic one that has no camera or anything. I went for one that opens up to reveal a keyboard. We changed our plan so that it was cheaper (and had fewer minutes), but we added texting on my phone. I don't text much, but I like it. Kind of like Twitter, to which I guess I could connect my phone. If anyone whose number I have has a phone that can receive texts without being charged (Tria?), let me know. I don't like texting unless I know someone will not get charged, but I'm looking forward to joining the texting club.

I am also planning to do what ProfGrrrrl did at some point last year (January?) when she removed one item from her home for each day of the month. I've already deleted everything from our old phones so that we can donate them at Verizon where I think they give them to women's shelters so they can be used by women in distress. I'm actually pretty good about getting rid of things, so I may not have thirty kinds of things to donate, recycle, or trash, but that just means I'll have gotten rid of everything I could. I'll post a list of the things I remove from the home at the end of the month.

I'm sure you're shivering with antici...pation.

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  1. Glad you're back! FYI: My blog has a new name, same address.

    I am in the middle of cleaning out stuff too. Happy times!